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supplied and fitted by flooring experts Hallmark Carpets & Flooring of Peterborough.

Nothing beats a real solid wood floor; it provides a lasting timeless elegance to any room. At Hallmark Carpets & Flooring of Peterborough we have a fabulous range of solid wood flooring that we would love for you to see. We're sure that you'll be able to appreciate the fine quality this type of flooring has to offer.

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At Hallmark Carpets & Flooring we offer impartial advice on branding carpets and flooring for our extensive sample range which caters for all types of budget. Where better to choose from our fabulous range than in the comfort of your home at a time that suits you.

Unlike most types of flooring, real wood can also be refinished, coloured and even stained to suit future changes of style within your home making it a perfect long term investment. With our free home choose service we can help you to choose the perfect real wood flooring style for your home.

Get the look: Call today to arrange a free, no obligation home choose visit. We'll arrange a convenient time to visit with lots of brilliant and inspiring samples of real wood flooring for you to choose from.

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Real wood flooring; information, advice and caring tips.

Your real wood flooring will be fitted to the highest standard by one of our experienced wood flooring fitters from Peterborough. Here are a few tips from Hallmark Carpets & Flooring to help you keep your real wood flooring looking at its best for as long as possible.

Standard preventive maintenance tips for your real wood flooring.

  • Use mats where possible to avoid getting small stones on your flooring.
  • Narrow wheels, sharp wooden legs or metal furniture legs can scratch and dent hardwood floors so care should be taken when using these items on the flooring.
  • Try to use felt protectors or furniture coasters where possible.

Cleaning your real wood flooring.

  • Avoid the use of wet mops as this could cause the wood flooring to swell.
  • Vacuum Regularly using a soft brush attachment.
  • Avoid using oil and wax based cleaning products as this could damage your flooring.
  • Never Wax a Urethane Floor - If your hardwood floor has a polyurethane finish never use a paste wax on the floor's surface.
  • Wipe up any spills immediately - When accidents happen and liquid gets spilled on your hardwood floor you should use a slightly damp white cloth, or paper towel to immediately clean up and dry the affected area.

This advice is for general care and maintenance only. Hallmark Carpets & Flooring accept no liability for damage caused to any of its products due to the advice given in this guide, accidental damage, misuse or neglect. Any damage resulting from failure to follow recommendations will not be covered under warranty.

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